Why Health Coaching?

What brought me to Health Coaching?

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Hello! I am Lauren Leitner, a Health & Wellness coach. I help people to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve your personal goals to live your best life. I know what it means to transform your heath and lifestyle.

We all have our own story about why we might not be living and feeling our best in this moment. GOOD NEWS: it is never too late to rewrite our stories.

Becoming a Health Coach was about understanding being an advocate for my own health issues and understanding there is more than the common solutions of  prescribed Western Medicine.

I had  developed an Auto Immune Disease which I did not allow to define me.  Rather, it empowered me to learn that I could heal myself from the inside out.


My Education

After years of working as a Massage Therapist and helping clients with back pain through private yoga practice, I knew my life's passion was to heal.

 I became certified as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also from The Nutritious Life, where I studied more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. 

I have numerous yoga certifications like Vinyasa Yoga, Cycling, Treadmill Running, TRX, Zumba. In addition, I use daily meditation and breathing techniques for stress management.


The Power of Weight Wellness

It's a lifelong commitment to become and remain healthy. The time to live well is now!

With my assistance, your well-being will be back in your control.

I have helped people reach their health, wellness and fitness goals.

Whether you wish to lose weight or reduce stress, I am here to help you create good habits and build awareness by creating realistic goals.

I can help you start living a healthy and vibrant life by giving you the knowledge to live your best life possible.